Cultural Differences Between Hinduism And Buddhism

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Many people practice different religions in this world. Whether it be Christianity, Islam, Judaism, if it comes to beliefs, everyone has them. However, when did all this begin? When did people start turning to higher beings? The answer is many, many years ago. Two examples of the oldest religions practiced are Hinduism and Buddhism. Hinduism and Buddhism are part of Indian religion; a religion so diverse and rich and one that can be dated back many years ago. As a whole, the Indian religion was considered to be only Hinduism but as time passed, it broke off into other religions such as Buddhism and Jainism. More importantly, heavy influence of the Indian culture has promoted the growth of these religious groups. As a result, Hinduism and…show more content…
Unlike Hinduism, Buddhism originated after as it found a platform that had already been created by Hinduism. As a result, it was easy for this religion to adapt itself into the society. Buddhism started back around two thousand five hundred years ago when a person by the name of Siddhartha Gautama was enlightened by thirty five (White). This man later became to be known as Buddha. Many people believe that Buddhism is not only a religion but can also be considered as a philosophy. Reason being the Buddhist path can be summed up into three steps: to lead a moral life, to be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, and to develop wisdom and understanding (White). Buddhism rejected many religious believes like blood sacrifices and existence of Supreme Being. The religion believed evil was the source of man suffering. They rejected blood sacrifices because they believed man should co-exist with animals peacefully (Hagen et al, p96). The religion believed in understanding and practice. This marked the two guiding principles of this…show more content…
They believe if ones life ends peacefully, one goes to spiritual life where there is happiness and joy unlike this world. They both also believe that one has to denounce his physical life in order to move out of suffering. It is good to note that this religions believe after death, one still exist but in form of spirit. According to Braunstein (p145), Hinduism and Buddhism emphasize more on peaceful and compassionate existence between human beings and other creations. Violence between human beings is highly prohibited by these religions because they believe in peaceful co-existence between all people. Buddhism emphasizes more about this by going further and denouncing all forms of sacrifices especially blood sacrifice. They fight against animal sacrifice because they are part of creation. Buddhism was founded by Buddha who was also referred to as Gautama but Hinduism had no founder. All the rules that govern Buddhism were initiated by Buddha, he is the one who brought order in this religion and that is why he is referred to as the founder of Buddhism. Hinduism has no particular person who can be associated with it. The religion believes in universality because it is formed by different kinds of people. Hinduism believes in more than one thousand gods and hence it is difficult to determine who contributed to its
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