Indian Removal Act Essay

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The Indian Removal Act was a major event that occurred under the reign of President Jackson. Five Indian tribes were forced to leave their native homelands that they had lived on for many generations. The white communities wanted the land for their own to grow cotton and search for gold ( One of the five tribes, the Cherokees, were not as willing to leave their homelands to keep peace as some elder tribe members had previously done ( The Cherokees took the white communities in Georgia to court to fight for their land versus starting a war. The courts of Georgia agreed with the Cherokees and passed a ruling that they Cherokee Indians were not required to move. President Jackson overruled this ruling and sent armed…show more content…
Henry Clay and Nicholas Biddle were working together against Andrew Jackson. In trying to make sure that the Second Bank of the United States continue, which benefited them, they attempted to present a renewal of the bank to President Jackson on the 4th of July ( President Jackson vetoed the bill as he saw that the conspiracy between Clay and Biddle was not in the best interest of the American people. President Jackson sent the bill back to the Senate where the bill had originated from. President Jackson hired and fired three treasurers of the bank before he could get one of them to not deposit money into the Second Bank of the United States but instead to deposit money into various state banks. Nicholas Biddle in turn, started calling in loans and collecting debts. There was concern by the people on the state of the economy and the impact that this could have on people’s finances and businesses. President Jackson did not relinquish his efforts in closing the bank and was successful in doing so, however the people were not unjustified in their concerns. Biddle’s calling in loans put the nation in an economic depression. Even today banking powers continue to be of concern. Corruption, political favors and greed are still ongoing. This has been exemplified with the crash of Wall Street and the housing crash. It is important that the government make sure that people’s properties and
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