Indian Territory Research Paper

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Deciding on a location in the Indian Territory is a major choice. This weighs heavily on the natural geography of the territories. I wouldn’t want to live in the higher elevation of the Indian Territory, the reason being, that it’s hard to farm on land that is not flat. The land is smoother and flatter on the eastern side of the territory. It would be wise to pick a location that has a long growing season. Therefore, I can grow my food and wool to make items. As well as providing myself with an income to buy other items, such as weapons, seeds, or clothing material. The Indian Territory that I believe would be the most pleasant to live in would in an area near the Arkansas River. This way there’s an easy way to receive items and ship products. There is a good deal of crucial deciding factor that plays on my mind when deciding on a location to live is tornados. This territory is well known for having a high percentage of tornadoes annually. Tornados are a weather event that I personally try to avoid at all costs. They can kill your livestock or you. Plenty of people are known for losing everything they have to the destruction of…show more content…
The location that is directly at the point of the two rivers. If I live in the point in between two rivers, then I’d be able to have various shipment routes. It’s better for the transportation of products, whether it be items, I create or goods that I want to purchase. The growing season of this location is extremely lengthy. This is good for producing cotton. Cotton can be used for clothing and other household items, as well for putting on the market or trading. I would also be able to grow vegetables for my personal consumption, selling, or trading. If I live in this location, however, I’d must cope with high temperatures. I’m personally not too fond of the heat, but it’s beneficial for the growth of my
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