Indian Tourism Impact

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Social and Economic Impacts of Tourism in India INTRODUCTION India as a tourist destination entices immense attraction from various sectors. Tourism has emerged as one of the major industries to boost the Indian economy, contributing substantially to foreign exchange earnings and serving as a potential generator of employment opportunities. India has immense possibilities of growth in the tourism sector, with its vast cultural and religious heritage and varied natural attractions, but the country has only a meagre share in the world tourism. India’s rich cultural heritage and glorious traditions are linked with the development of tourism in India. IMPACTS OF TOURISM IN INDIA Positive Impacts Generating Income and Employment:…show more content…
This may become the cause of violence and other crimes committed against the tourists. The recent crime committed against a Russian tourist in Goa is a case in point. Effect on Environment and Ecology: One of the most adverse effects of tourism can be seen on the environment. Deforestation and destabilization of natural landforms have been caused by increased transportation and construction activities. Increased tourism to ecologically sensitive areas can result in destruction of rare and endangered species due to trampling, hunting, disturbance of breeding habitats etc. Noise pollution from vehicular emissions, untreated sewage etc. also has direct effect on biodiversity, surrounding environment of the tourist destination. ROLE OF TOURISM IN INDIA’S GDP Tourism industry has contributed enormously to the flourishing graph of India’s economy by attracting a huge number of foreign and domestic tourists travelling for professional as well as holiday purposes. In terms of India’s tourism sector’s contribution to GDP, it ranks

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