Anxieties Of Distance: Codification Of The East India Company

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The East India Company commenced their rule in India after the Battle of Plassey, where the Nawab of Bengal handed over his dominions to the company. But, in reality, the company started their rule when the company got their Diwani rights (ie) right to collect revenue in Bengal and Bihar. The company then made Calcutta as its capital and Warren- Hastings as its first governor-general. The company had extended their trading activities by exporting chief raw materials such as cotton, opium and Indigo. The American Civil war also paved the way for the profits of Indian cotton cultivators. This is because, the outbreak of war led to the major impact on Indian’s cotton economy and hence no American cotton was available to the British manufactures.…show more content…
As argued by many scholars that the East India Company had the notion of utilitarianism in Britain which was reflected when they came to India and try to change it. John Wilson in his article “Anxieties of Distance: Codification of Early colonial Bengal” argued that though British try to change Indian Law, they don’t understand Indian Law. They decided to simplify into laws that are universally applicable. He also argued that utilitarianism is not reflected in English law so why would they want to change Indian law on utilitarian basic. But, in reality the east India Company came to India to trade. Due to the reasons of Undivided India at that time, Company started repairing all the parts of country by providing occupation by introducing railways, telegraphs etc. This become the reason for them to be in the dominant position over the Indians which give rise to them to use their political and Judicial power over the Indian Citizens. But many governor general of India used their rule in India to be in favour for the citizens. Lord William Bentinck abolished Sati which was a great relief to the Indian women. Their activities of trade and revenue collection do maximise their benefits but simultaneously it contributes to the India’s welfare

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