Advantages Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was an event of great historical importance. The original 13 colonies united by common interests, customs and language fought against their mother country Great Britain, to gain independence and won to form The United States of America. The main advantages the colonist had in helping win the war was, expert knowledge of the land they were fighting on, experience from previously fighting in The French and Indian War, widespread use and knowledge with firearms and rifles with better range than the British. The colonist also had a personal reason to fight, they were fighting not just for a pay check but for their freedom and liberty. The French and Indian War lasted from 1754-1763, at the start of The American Revolution the colonist were still using the weapons from…show more content…
The colonist knew all the best hiding spots and they knew which hiding spots would be obvious for a British soldier to hid in. The colonist used their land knowledge to their advantage and engaged the British in off guard attacks. The first battle of the American Revolutionary war was on April 19, 1775 in Middlesex County, Providence of Massachusetts Bay, which is Arlington in present day. Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith had command of around 700 British army soldiers and he had orders to capture military supplies that the colonist were reported to have been storing. The colonist had received weeks before news warning of this British search and had already moved most of the supplies. It is during this battle that Paul Revere and others made their famous midnight ride and alerted the colonist that the British were coming. The British were eventually defeated and retreated under fire. In an exert from a report from Lt. Col. Smith to Gen. Gage, it shows how the Colonist hide behind walls, ditches, trees etc., to defend their home
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