Indian Woman's Death Song Analysis

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Indian woman 's death song
By : Felicia hemans
Background of the writer
• Felicia Hemans was Born in Liverpool, but brought up in Wales which she considered to be the "land of my childhood, my home and my dead" .
• From 1812 to 1818 she was married to Captain Alfred Hemans, and gave birth to five children.
• Her works were given to schoolchildren to teach them morals and lessons .
• was a female voice amidst the male writers and poets .
• Regarded as the poet of domestic affections, and an advocate for women at the center of the cult of domesticity.
• In many of Hemans ' works, a choice is made by several female characters to take their own lives rather than suffer the social, political and personal consequences of their compromised situations. The social context in which Hemans was writing was not largely conducive to the writing of women, as many modern readers might assume according to the poet 's success
The general idea:
"Indian Woman 's Death Song" Felecia Dorothea Hemans introduces an Indian woman who decided life was too difficult to handle it anymore since her husband left her for another woman. She takes her life, as well as her children 's lives, to escape it all. She was heard singing a death-song going down the Mississippi River with her children in a canoe headed toward their untimely deaths. she implies how society can be influential on a woman’s life in a negative way. Hemans expresses the social restrictions from an Indian woman’s point of
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