Indian Women Moving Camp Analysis

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Indian Women Moving Camp, a piece of artwork depicting the powerfulness of Native American women at that period. Therefore, a Native woman is drawn in the middle of the whole painting and she is the biggest object in the whole composition. The woman is looking up and away and her baby is strapped on her back. Beside the woman, a men is leaning to let his horse drink water in a pond. The distance between the Native women, the child and the men is close and seems that they are a family. Far Far behind, a group of people, wearing similar costume as the Native woman, are riding horses and moving forward. All of them are supposed to be a tribe. They are bringing the hunting tools, the pikes as well as a dog on guard. The animals…show more content…
Russell uses them fluently in the aspects of color, form, texture and line in his painting. When we first watched the painting, we immediately thought that the entire artwork was consisted of warm colors. The whole color tone is in pink and light purple, which gives readers a feeling of feminine qualities and softness. Contrast in colors can also be found in the painting. The sky is mainly drawn in white, pink and light purple, which are warm colors and they creates a hopeful feeling. However, cool and dark colors are utilized in drawing the plain, which implies a depressing mood in crossing the plain. Considering about form, linear and aerial perspectives are used in the drawing in showing the ways and direction of moving and expressing the depth and width of various views, like the layers of gross and the distance between plain and mountains, respectively. Moreover, the use of light and shadow effectively showing the distance of each objects as well as making the objects, for instance the costume and the characters in a three-dimensional proportion. For texture, the artist uses different line qualities to compose each objects. For example, the repetition of thin lines are used in creating the shapes of gross and curve lines are utilized in drawing the shadow of objects, which is reflected in water. Generally, thin and straight lines are used in drawing different objects in the painting and I think the reason of

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