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Indian Writing in English started during the period of the British rule in India. Now it has grown into leaps and bounds. Indian English is not only being enjoyed by the native people, but also being by the foreigners. It happened only after the constant improvement by great people like Tagore, Sri Aurobindo, R.K.Narayan, Raja Rao - to name only a few. In modern time, there are number of writers who are getting awards and accolades all over the world. Indian English Literature is an honest enterprise to demonstrate the ever rare gems of Indian Writing in English. From being a singular and exceptional, rather gradual native flare - up of geniuses, Indian Writing has turned out to be a new form of Indian voice in which India converses regularly. Indian Writers - poets, novelists, essayists, and dramatists have been making enormous contributions to world literature since pre - Independence era, the past few years have witnessed a prospering and thriving of Indian English Writing in the global market. The modified English over which the Indian writers have mastered is now used for an unbiased presentation of the Indian reality to reveal the 'true ' situation to the readers all over the world. English is now one of the languages officially recognized by the 'Sahitya Akademi '- the Indian Academy of Letters. Indian English Literature has obtained an independent status in the world Literature. Wide ranges of themes are dealt within Indian Writing in English. While this English

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