Indiana Fever Short Story

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The wave of anxiety had crashed onto me. Pedaling at the same time becoming more and more flustered praying I could get down the court. All of the sudden I feel a... push? Yes, the mascot for the Indiana Fever was pushing my tricycle down the court. Lilly’s done with her situps at my arrival to the blue mat and any embarrassment I could’ve alleviated was vanished. If you were curious what the mascot is-- I can only try to explain it to you. They’re the Indiana Fever which is this crazy looking thing with red noodles coming out of it’s face. A nightmarish creature my friends had moments before been making jokes about. I don’t want to know who thought this wacky obscure monster was remotely a decent idea. The monstrosity it is could be a 5 year…show more content…
Good job!” Lilly and I both returned giddy smiles from the rush the adventure had created mere minutes ago. Later that night the game was tight and everyone was really into it, but I can remember my thoughts were still focused on earlier. The night was insane and an once in a lifetime circumstance. I know I’ll never forget any of it. The entire experience is engraved in my mind atleast through spirit and I don’t regret a second of it. The commotion of the whole adventure taught me valuable life lessons. At first I was so hesitant to enter something that I would’ve regretted not leaping into. A voice in the back of my mind presented me with every doubt possible shouting fears into a void I contained inside me. Ultimately I didn’t want others to judge me negatively and decide something I couldn’t remove from their opinions. Being so skeptical of myself during this once and a lifetime chance taught me a lot. The experience enlightened me in a way only something major could’ve. Being so cautious I learned to take more risks and be less aware of others perception of me. Life is too short too always rethink chances you may never get again. The saying “Sometimes you don’t get two chances” applies in my thoughts more often. My life shouldn’t revolve around other's opinions, which is how I sit before you today. In the last year I’ve done so many things only I stood in my way of before. Volunteering more and just taking more risks is something I value much more now, as I told Lilly “Yolo.” I’m not as meek, although I’m still pretty quiet sometimes, but I know for myself; I’m getting out into the world much
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