India's Impact On Religion In India

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Religion is one of the fundamental pillars that India as a nation has been built upon. It has been the reason this nation has been united, and the reason it has been divided. Therefore, while addressing the issue of religion in India, one must fully comprehend the impact that religious concepts have had on shaping this country into what it is today. The religious scenario of our nation is what we are trying to understand and address in this essay. India is a secular nation, which means that religion should not play a major role in the way the country is run. It is ideally deemed to be a private matter for people to practice as they will. However, considering the power that religion has to unite people and the hold it has over the way people think, that is not the way it works. Due to the religious plurality in the nation and multiple people taking advantage of the aforementioned phenomena, the secularity of the nation is compromised. For instance, when a political party campaigns and wins votes based on a common religion, it causes their focus and their priorities to move in a religious direction. Therefore, religion ends up affecting policy and governance. Due to the divisiveness of communal thought, religion also ends up giving a false sense of national identity to people. Therefore, the direction the nation heads in also takes a religious turn. The religious scenario, the ineffectiveness of secularism and the effect religion has on governance are the three things that

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