Indifference In Night By Elie Wiesel

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The Modern Day Holocaust
Society needs to realize that indifference is a major problem in the world. One reason indifference needs to be reduced is that studies show that it can cause depression or lack of motivation There is people who do not care about the homeless four year old boy sitting on the side of the street weighing less than 30 pounds. Indifference is causing major problems around the world. Many people are being killed, starved or shunned upon by others because someone is not as good as them.
Everyone views indifference differently. In the book Night, Author Elie Wiesel demonstrated many ways of indifference such as throwing dead and unwanted bodies out of rail cars to form extra space for the others. This shows that the guards …show more content…

For instance treating people like they are animals and that they do not matter. You become custom to thinking you are better than them and you have the control. “Faster, you tramps, you flea-ridden dog!” “Faster you filthy dogs” (85). This indicates that the Jews were looked at like they were filthy animals. Today it is comparable to homeless people because the majority of people are too indifferent to care about them, and they think it is a waste of time. Majority chose to be with people of the same wealth, the rich with the rich and the poor with the poor. The rich start treating the poor like they are nothing. We have become too immune to seeing and treating people a certain way, so we start doing it ourselves because we think it is okay but in reality we do not realize how bad we are actually treating …show more content…

We never put into consideration others who are battling to purchase their own food, having a difficult time supporting their families. In Night it describes throughout the book where individuals battle over food and water, pursuing everything in their will to survive. “Dozens of men fought desperately over a few crumbs” (100). Our society has grown immune to ignoring and overlooking those who are not like us. We fail to pay attention to those with belongings not as valuable as ours. We never consider those who have limited resources they are striving to survive. A personal example is my 16th birthday, the only thing I could imagine was driving to school, I was thrilled. After being told there was a chance I would have to ride the bus I was devastated, but I never stopped to think of those who are compelled to walk miles upon miles just to receive an education when I had a problem because I could not

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