Indifference In Night

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Indifference is looked at different by everybody. Some people may think somethings are normal while others do not. In Night by Elie Wiesel he showed many ways of indifference such as throwing the dead and unwanted bodies out of the rail cars to make more room for other. This shows that the guards did not care about the many people that were dying, even though they did nothing wrong. During their ride in the rail cars to another camp they were not given food for three days so when they had the chance to get bread that was thrown to them, they would fight for it.
Indifference can become extremely dangerous because once you start getting to out of hand because you become brain washed to what you’re doing to innocent people. Such as treating people like they’re animals and that they don’t matter. You start to get in a groove where you look at everyone and think you’re better than them and you have the control. “Faster, you tramps, you flea-ridden dog!” “Faster you filthy dogs” (85). This shows us that the Jews
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We never think of the other people in life who are struggling to buy their own food, having a hard time to support their families. In Night it explains throughout the book where people fight for food and water. That they try everything in their will to stay alive. “Dozens of men fought desperately over a few crumbs” (100). Our society has become immune to being better than those who don’t have what we have be started to ignore or forget about the less fortunate. A personal example I experienced was when I turned 16, I was excited to drive to school, I wouldn’t have to ride the bus for an hour every morning anymore, but when I found out that I might have to ride the bus awhile because we couldn’t find a car for me. I was devastated because I would have to ride the bus to school when people in other countries have to walk miles on miles just to get an
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