The Right Thing Ellie Wiesel Analysis

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What is the right thing to do? Ellie Wiesel believes people should do the right thing but more importantly choose a side. Indifference is worse than anger, rage, and hatred as Ellie said with those three sometimes good can come of it. With indifference you are only punishing the victim and helping to achieve the goal of the unrighteous. This idea is not only held by Ellie but also former president Theodore Roosevelt who stated “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing”. What the nazi did to Ellie and all like him was completely and utterly wrong but even worse was the non-action by the pentagon and state department. The problem…show more content…
All that is what we call "reality". However, both knowledge and awareness are equivocal. One’s reality might be another’s illusion. In sal’s reality he's right being that he is the proprietor and it's his decision what goes on the wall. Buggin out reality is being that all of revenue sal makes comes from black customers he should cater to their demands. In the argument both sides have fair points and flaws. It's not as simple as one sides right and the other is wrong. Actually both sides are morally wrong sals threatened Buggin out pulling out a Mickey mantle model baseball bat. Buggin out tries to start a boycott which if successful would effectively end sal’s business. Both sides tried to push their own views without seeing the others perspective. The right thing to do would have been for both sides to concede and negotiate for both sides to be happy or at least adequate. Because both sides were to prideful nothing beneficial happens actually the reverse. The butterfly effect comes into play This example shows that doing right thing is not just in black and white most of time theirs Gary in that as a society we must sort through to find what's
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