Indigenous Australian Stereotypes

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There are a variety of ways and factors that influence how people are represented in different non-fiction and fiction texts. Indigenous Australians are usually represented in harmful disrespectful ways, but they are also represented in positive ways. There are many factors that contribute to these representations. In the year 8 fiction and non-fiction text studied in the last three terms, we have seen different representations of indigenous Australian people. The main factors contributing to these are, stereotypes, historical events, real life experiences and Two main ways Indigenous Australians can be represented in fiction and non-fiction texts are as people who are kind and friendly or people who are troublesome. Some factors that …show more content…

The author made a clear example of stereotyping in chapter 15 page 122 when Ellie made the assumption that …show more content…

This can be seen in the TV series Red fern now produced in association with Screen Australia, ABC and Screen NSW. The factors that may have lead the producer to depict indigenous characters like this may be historical events or personal experience. In this text indigenous people are represented as poor because Joel an indigenous school boy is on a special scholarship for indigenous people at a very expensive school. This shows that they cannot afford the school on their own. A second example we see is when Joel does not come from a wealthy family is when we see boys from his previous school. The two boys from Joel’s previous school do not have very good uniforms and they do not use proper wording. Joel and his family are represented as people who stand up for what they believe in and not afraid to fight throughout this whole TV show. Joel and his parents fight for the right that he does not have to sing the national anthem if he does not believe in it. This representation would have been influenced by historical events such as the 1967 Australian referendum when indigenous people got a right to vote “we used to thrown in with the flora and fauna until there was a national referendum”. Joel’s father fights by posing the argument that he has the right to vote so he can

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