Indigenous Literature In The Philippines

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The indigenous literature of the Philippines developed primarily in the oral tradition in poetic and narrative forms. Epic poems, legends, proverbs, songs, and riddles were passed from generation to generation through oral recitation and incantation in the various languages and dialects of the islands. Moments of dominations have come and passed, and have produced translators then.

It has been all about transformation. Literature continues to develop and definitely dominates the cultural landscape. This is all because of the competitiveness, revolution and renovation happening in the circle of creative writing. From being known as our own, pieces have grown widely making them being identified and acknowledged to even different parts of the world. To name few of these writers are: the late Nick Joaquin, Gregorio Brillantes, Alejandro Roces, Bienvenido Lumbera — and the younger writers, Cirilo Bautista, Charlson Ong, Neil Garcia — they are all excellent, better than some of the bestsellers in America and Europe.

Another iconized writer a generation back is Francisco Sionil Jose, the author of this short story, “The God Stealer”. On the whole, what really stood out in this masterpiece is its quality of being a Biographical- Sociological text. This writing examines concerns that central to our own social and cultural situations, including the breakthrough and discovery of the relationship of the characters to the community and its customs. This is supplemented and beyond
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