Indigenous People In Australia

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Studies have shown that the indigenous peoples of Australia were the first modern people to have migrated out of Africa. When the first Europeans started coming to Australia, the indigenous Australians didn 't know if they were either male or female, because of the clothing and wigs that the men wore. In the first week there were 1100 foreigners. It was a completely different change of lifestyle when they came. Also there was a disease that was wiping the indigenous people out (killing). The disease small pox was said to come from the North (Europeans view) and the facts point towards the Europeans having brought it over from Europe, and the indigenous people had no protection or immunity towards it. The people were scared and started fleeing to different parts of Australia, therefore spreading the disease further across the continent. That disease made for there to be many generations lost. The Europeans brought a ton of tools to help start building up a civilization. They also were showing the indigenous people their tools to make them more accepted, the indigenous people thought it was very interesting. The Europeans then started deforesting to start building a civilization, started using up tons of resources. The Europeans started trying to convert the indigenous people to their religion and beliefs. The indigenous people had their own spiritual values and they were influenced and forced to change those beliefs. Their way of living was changed. Their

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