Indigenous People In Mesoamerica

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Over the years, history has been manipulated for people to have a limited knowledge of the actual events. For Example the history of the indigenous people in Mesoamerica which has been misinterpreted with many myths portraying them as heartless and evil people. In reality these indigenous people were incredible and clever to the point that they build a “perfect empire” in what today is part of Mexico and Central America. The cultural and life integration was based on three essential processes worldmaking, worldcentering and worldrenewing. The indigenous were the first ones to arrive in Mexico. Mesoamerica was discovered and created by different tribes back in 800 B.C. History has many stories of how these people got here and lived, but a most…show more content…
“ In every case or society was organized by and around ceremonial centers modeled on the vision of the structure of the universe ( Carrasco 38). Indigenous Mesoamerican belief that in the places that were chosen to live were divine power of their gods to always do what is right and balance. From all the experience and alliances the Mexican confederation took control. This group was the reflection of all the work acquire from the other groups back in time. The Mexicas has a more advance in agriculture, trade, culture, and engineering. Mexica was able to create commerce and trade and system and to a have a “government” where it was now break into socio economic status where every family had its own leader that will represent…show more content…
They become really religious and still with the belief that everything that is done is done for a purpose.Mexica people sacrificed people as well but they tried to be fair with whom to sacrifice for example the sacrifice of Chalchihuitl which it was a sacrifice of men where “ a male anatomy will be cut off because it 's giving life and the sun gives us life, but as well is as be equal with the pain women have to go through in labor or menstrual period (Covarrubias). This shows that although the sacrifices were inhuman the intention of doing this sacrifice was to be fair. Another thing changes was that the children were provided with education and enforce to do something good for the community, fathers will be the head of the house, and the women will have the most important task to give life to the next generation and if they had daughters to teach them all the duties they had to do and their responsibilities. Women were sacred as well and probably the most important because they were able to give birth and for that reason they were always respected. Everything seem to be balanced and fair. As the years pass the Mexica begin to not only thank their gods with rituals and sacrifices but as well created many different cultural expressions to express their gratitudes to human creativity such as; art, music, dance, and poetry. All of this experiences throughout the life of indigenous impacted of how the build their new

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