Indigenous Peoples: Indigenous People Of The World

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2.1 INDIGENOUS PEOPLES Indigenous Peoples are found in all continents of the globe. Worldwide their population would be between approximately 500 million. They are responsible for nurturing most of the world’s cultural and biological diversity. The Indigenous Peoples of the world are very dissimilar. They form a spectrum of humankind, ranging from customary hunter-gatherers and subsistence farmers to research scholars. Indigenous Peoples form majority of the population in some countries; others consist of small minorities. In India itself, some of the north-eastern states have a large number of tribal population, while some other states have a miniscule population. Indigenous Peoples typically have a close bond with land, language and culture. Some Indigenous Peoples strive to preserve traditional ways of life and are averse to change, while others have grown ambitious and seek to venture outside their comfort zone, striving for greater participation in the state affairs. Indigenous Peoples are always attempt to adjust and familiarise themselves with the changes in the world. They identify their common predicaments and work for their self-determination. Despite the extensive variety in Indigenous communities world over, all such communities have one thing in common – they all share a narrative of prejudice. Indigenous Peoples have been victims of torture, slavery and even crimes of genocide. They have been deprived of the right to partake in governing processes of the

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