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1. Background on Indigo Brands Indigo Brands is a wholly owned subsidiary of the AVI group of companies and forms part of their fashion brands portfolio. Indigo Brands manufacture personal care and beauty products within South Africa and distribute these within its borders as well as to sub-Saharan African countries. Indigo owns the Yardley and Lentheric brands for the abovementioned regions and manufacture and distribute products for Coty international under license agreement. All of Indigo Brands’ operations are established in Cape Town and includes marketing, sales, R&D and supply chain departments. The supply chain includes two factories in Cape Town (Aerosol, Personal Care & Beauty) and two distribution centres; one in Cape Town and the other in Isando. The major channels for Indigo products are the department, health & beauty and grocery stores with a limited…show more content…
Proposed Indigo Brands Mission statement The proposed Indigo Brands mission statement was developed by focusing on the 11 components of a mission as stated by Ehlers & Lazenby (2010) and taking into account the recommendations as per the current mission analysis. Indigo Brands is a South African based business focused on delighting consumers with good value, great quality and branded Personal Care and Beauty products. We…. • Are proud of our strong position in local markets and actively pursue expansion of our international boundaries. • Constantly innovate, refine and improve our business practices and invest in appropriate technologies to grow our business and deliver value to all our stakeholders. • Collaborate and partner with stakeholders to deliver win-win solutions. • Foster an inclusive and diverse culture built on mutual respect. • Are passionate about creating an environment is which people are valued, inspired and enabled to grow personally and professionally. • Conduct our business ethically, honestly, sustainably and focus on the upliftment of the communities around

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