Distinctive Voices Indira Gandhi Speech Analysis

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Without question, voices have impacted the past, present and will continue to impact the future as a voice instills its words in the thoughts of the audience. Distinctive voices will often at times provide a new perspective to individuals. This new perspective changes the lives of individuals, sparking a fire and unite them on commonly held beliefs and values. An influential voice will echo throughout time, constantly reforming individuals positions on certain issues in society. Distinctive voices ignite certain individuals emotions and prompt individuals to question their basic values. Three powerful figures that effectively convey this idea are President Obama and his “Inaugural Address” to America, Indira Gandhi and her speech “The True…show more content…
When an individual is made to question their basic values, they change what they know and reform their perspectives due to the persuasion of an influential voice. Indira Gandhi’s speech effectively portrays the inequality experienced throughout society and is evident in the line, “We need women”. It is evident that Gandhi uses a feminist voice and effectively uses inclusive language in order to inflict her personal beliefs and ideas onto the audience in order to persuade them by targeting their emotions and unifying the audience under the common idea of equality. Likewise, Obama’s democratic voice makes his audience question what they already know and whilst doing this also sparking fires in each individual to unify them as a whole. Obama states, “When a little girl born into the bleakest poverty… None can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires and crippling drought and more powerful storms.” Obama portrays pathos through appealing to the damaging effects on the environment and introducing the issue of poverty to unite the audience. Obama deliberately targets the audiences emotions in order to persuade them to his perspective and to make them question their basic values. Similarly, Alexander the Great effectively uses his monarchy voice to persistently drive into his men the need to win this war. Alexander the Great

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