Indirect Characterization In Romeo And Juliet

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Indirect characterization is when a character(s) is describing him or herself using thoughts and actions. The characters in movies, stories, plays, etc. can use indirect characterization. William Shakespeare uses a lot of indirect characterization in the play “Romeo and Juliet” that he wrote. In “Romeo and Juliet” most of the characters describe themselves in some way using indirect characterization. Shakespeare creates indirect characterization when he uses oxymorons, paradoxes, and juxtaposition to describe Romeo and Juliet’s complex “star-crossed” love.
Through terms of contrast, Shakespeare characterizes Juliet as a loving, sweet, and passionate girl. Juliet is waiting for her wedding night and says, “... And learn me how to lose a winning match” (3.2.12). The juxtaposition talks about how Juliet is nervous, but excited about losing her virginity to Romeo the love of her life. Juliet found out that Romeo killed
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Friar Laurence describes Romeo and Juliet’s love as “violent delights” (2.6.9). In the oxymoron is showing that friar Laurence is thoughtful because Romeo and Juliet difficult love life is moving quickly in Friar Laurence’s eyes. Friar Laurence explains what will happen to Romeo and Juliet if they move too quickly: “And in their triumph die, like fire and powder” (2.6.10). He is describing Romeo and Juliet’s love life. When Shakespeare uses juxtaposition that shows Friar Laurence as caring and worried about the two teenagers. Friar Laurence uses indirect characterization by using an oxymoron and a juxtaposition.
When Shakespeare wrote “Romeo and Juliet”, he use indirect characterization by using paradoxes, juxtapositions, and oxymorons. Romeo, Juliet, and Friar Laurence characterize themselves using indirect characterization. Authors use Indirect Characterization to add more complexity to a play, movie, stories, etc. to make it more
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