Indirect Method Of Nutritional Assessment

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INTRODUCTION Nutritional assessment is an evaluation toward a person’s nutrient and food intake in-depth both subjectively and objectively, while taking into account the lifestyle and medical history of the particular individual being examined. It is essential to understand nutritional assessment as it can give us an insight on how a person’s dietary intake diver from the average nutritional intake of the normal population, how body composition can reflect the need for both protein and calorie. There are 2 classification of the ways to differentiate nutritional assessment which are the Direct and the Indirect Method. There are a few examples of test that can be used to assess a person’s nutritional intake each of which has its advantage and also disadvantage, some of the direct include:
1. Anthropometry Assessment
2. Biochemical Assessment
3. Clinical Assessment
4. Dietary Assessment
Indirect Method is divided into:
1. Economic
a. Income
b. Availability of food
c. Prices of food
2. Ecological
3. Vital Health Status
a. Mortality
b. Health care services1
Each of this component will be elaborated further in the following document.
Direct Method Direct method assesses the amount of sum of nutrient that is needed by an individual directly. As stated above, this will be further divided into more specific classification. The method is similar but different at the same time.
1. Anthropometry Assessment
a. A measurement is taken of the physical dimension of the body and the

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