Indiscrimination Against Women Analysis

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Two major works are born from two writers with different backgrounds yet embarks the flames of same ethnicity. Arundhati Roy and Kiran Desai have written their Man Booker prize winning novels by giving strong message of indiscrimination against women. The paper here is dealing with aspects of different communities and the treatment of women in general, which has similar ethos connected. The post-colonial ideology confusion is also depicted in both novels as the anglophile society rejects the subjugated women. Two married women characters from the novels represent the ironical state of women – Ammu and Nimmi are crippled by the society and the same society rejects the branding as cripple. There are similar plights explored in both characters as they undergo several phases of domestic violence. The fact that these…show more content…
Condition of the women in these rich households were bitter than their financially poor counterparts. One of the major reasons for such a circumstance is because of the financial freedom. Ammu (God of Small Things) works in the factory with more sincerity and is really good in her work. Yet her services are not valued duly, on the other hand Chacko causes enough troubles and financial burden, but is been treated with adorable respect. Being born as a woman has bestowed the burden tag to all these women, who struggle to get the basic recognition they deserve. This starts from their financial slavery and dependency. Female members of these families are not given any ownership of the paternal or marital property. Without education, without money their perilous end is certain since the day they were born. Ammu’s husband is an alcoholic, whereas Nimmi’s husband is obsessed with western culture and people that he starts hating his wife for reasons best known for him only. Since, these ladies were dependant and penniless, their husbands exploited the situation and treated them as

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