Individual And Social Issues In The Movie Forrest Gump

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The movie I decided to choose was Forrest Gump. This movie has a lot of history of the United States that starts from around the 1950s and then into the present. The movie shows many trends in various social movements that were going on in the United States. The main character in the movie, Forrest goes through many individual and social issues through out the movie. Many of the issues are universal, but the movie shows the American nature of the social and individual issues that I believe help Non-American people learn some American culture through a great movie. The American cinema has been dominating the cinema world in the recent decades, which has a lot of influence on many people who watch the movie. The movie starts out in 1981, Forrest is at a bus stop and ends up telling the story of his life to different strangers who are…show more content…
She wanted Forrest to come visit her. Once together Jenny tells Forrest she has a young son named Forrest also. Then Jenny tells Forest that he is the father of the boy. Jenny tells Forrest that she is dying from an unknown disease that doesn’t have a cure and she doesn’t have much time left. So together the three of them move back to Alabama and Forrest and Jenny finally get married. After the marriage Jenny soon passes away. Now Forrest is left raising their son by himself. The movie showed how the smiley face happened. A man asks Forrest for ideas of T-shirt designs. Forrest wipes his muddy face on a T-shirt and the movie shows a smiley face on the T-shirt. which soon becomes a famous and very popular symbol in the United States It is during the 1970's that the smiley face was invented to show a stylized representation of a smiling human face. It is also attributed with the quote "Have a Nice Day!" which also became a very popular saying in American
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