Individual Assignment: Globalization And Integration

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Individual Assignment Globalisation and Integration UIBS00753 Marco Arvioti Introduction introduction the term globalization means that economic phenomenon which facilitates the transition from national markets to world. This phenomenon is due to several factors, such as the reduction of restrictions, the evolution of technology, the expansion of the tertiary sector in the economy and the evolution of transportation. Features of Globalization One type of feature is the globalization of markets, or sell the same products worldwide globalization of enterprises, which are situated in different parts of the world, especially in developing countries where production costs are very low of globalization finance, the money…show more content…
Please don 't ask Americans to let others assume the leadership of human exploration. We can do wonderful science on the Moon, and wonderful commercial things. Then we can pack up and move on to Mars. Buzz Aldrin Another main factors that is affecting the population is the changes in tradition perspectives such as the value changes. The value changes are rapidly growing and a very good example is the one of the women positions, nowadays the woman is demanding more equality and job opportunities. There have never been before society in which women have been considered almost equal to men; we are facing a genuine global revolution in everyday life, the consequences of which are feeling in the world, as part of work as in that of politics. Globalisation is also pushing the econoly to think differently,nowadays the globalisation has given the local firms a better challenge as well as the pressure of being carefull of the thinking global. Firms that will want to think global wiill need therefore to think about all the economic influences that are affecting the globalisation such as driving causes in particular the global financial system, but it is not forces of nature have been defined and triggered by technology and cultural diffusion, as well as by government decisions to liberalize and deregulate national…show more content…
Many of the most visible cultural expressions of globalization are American: Coca-Cola, McDonald 's, CNN. We can say that globalization is destroying the local cultures, increasing the worldwide disparities is aggravating the situation of the most poors. People ague that globalization is creating a world of winners and losers,with ecological risks that are growing worldwide. If we think about globalisation we can say that globalisation is growing the inqualities of the people between them and this could bring major problems in the future. The debates on globalization are mainly focused on the implications for nation-states. The question that arises is whether the latter and their national political leaders still have power, or are becoming powerless in the face of forces that reshape the world. This is a very important step to understand that globalisation can be positive or

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