Individual Behaviour Case Study

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A Case Study of Individual Behaviour (Personality and Perception)

Abstract: A case study in basic terms may be regarded as an outline of any given subject. In the previous chapter we discussed and learnt the detailed background of Organisational Behaviour. And further we are committed to thrive on learning the fundamentals of Individual Behaviour.
The need to comply with the methods and insights of the contemporary individual behaviour is to rectify the pre-existing errs, and beautify the essence of human experience.
In this research of Individual Behaviour, we have set a live scenario of factual characters with a protagonist who keeps a perceptive vision to interpret and implement the amendments.
In this chapter, we will also cover the
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And before she could finish her degree, she got an offer from an old friend who after spending many struggling years in Italy as a Hotel Manager decided to move to India to start his own restaurant and needed a partner. However as she was in her final year of Hotel Management she decided to operate from the far corner of the world. Long conferences were held. Location was setup to an old Delhi’s bunker shaped old English villa which belonged to Geetika’s parents’ which had been unoccupied for years. The villa was located in old Delhi’s prime heart. However, as she was far away she did manage as far she could but finding it hard she obscurely asked her mother, Ritika Gupta, who in her early days of career had been a successful businesswoman and incorporated in their family business. But, it took many attempts for Geetika to persuade her mother to look after the restaurant as the…show more content…
Geetika’s partner friend (Mohan) became the Managing Director of the restaurant. Mohan’s experience as a restaurateur offered positive results in a wider perspective. Geetika flew back to India after finishing her degree. The venture went successful under the supervision of her mother’s decisive chairmanship. Several branches of the restaurants were opened in all major cities within two years of the expansion. As the growth and business needs expanded, Mohan and Geetika set-down to wheels and travelled intensely to avoid conjectures and down-falls. Her mother, Ritika remained in charge of the outlets in Delhi and NCR as a chairperson. Standard operation guidelines and instructions were set to follow. A considerable amount of time and money was spent on training and management system. Managers, staff, IT, security and consultants were given priorities to operate the outlets using standard Management Information System (MIS). The standard procedure included the inclusion of the restaurant branches to be called in ‘numbers’ as it involved least hassles and eased the

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