Individual Differences: The Positive Impacts Of Team Diversity

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1.0 Introduction
In the fierce competition environment, more and more enterprises adopt the form of team cooperation to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. With the increase of number in the organization team, the characteristics of the enterprise work arrangement and organization of team member diversity is increasing, so the effect of team member diversity of team members has become an important subject.

Diversity refers to the individual differences, this may cause people to think that another person is different from their own. The diversity of the working group is to organize a fact of life. This is also a key problem in the theory and practice of organizational behavior. (Jackson, 1992; Triandis, Kurowski, & Gelfand, 1994; Williams & O 'reilly, 1998. Diversification has become the trend of social development. The diversity of employees is not just an employee who needs a variety of skills in the structure of human resources, but also employees, individuals, and individuals who are diverse, and they have a unique personality. However, team diversity is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the diversity of the team will stimulate the process of social categorization, and the team will reject the aliens, resulting in team conflict, which will have a negative impact on the team 's creativity (Van et al.2004). Team diversity, on the other hand, activate the information processing, can for the team to bring a wealth of information, knowledge, technology,

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