Individual Essay: The Role Of An Individual In Society

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The Role of an Individual in Society Only 25% of people surveyed in a Survelum Public Data Bank survey feel that they know their purpose in life. Many people are hopeful to discover their purpose, but the stress in living can make it hard to find the answer to such a complicated question. People look for purpose in their jobs, in others, in religion etc. but continue to fall short of fulfillment. Where people don’t often have the courage to look is within themselves. An individual’s role is hard to define because there are so many roles we take on from day to day. Ultimately however, an individual’s role should be personal fulfillment in their inevitable contribution to society. Every member of society has economical roles. Economical roles relate to daily functionality. Jobs and responsibilities fit into this category. But it is broad enough to include an individual’s role in a certain location or as a certain gender. Society tends to judge economical roles by very specific standards. No matter what society claims is an ideal job, place to live, way to look, or successful level of merit, people can find purpose in roles completely opposite from what society suggests. One social standard is…show more content…
Without diversity society falls apart. “In society each member seeks something and gives something” (Hossain 131) This cooperation is what makes it essential that one finds value in their own diverse role. If someone feels worthless they might be basing their worth off of society’s standards. If a person’s role in society is to be fulfilled with whatever they do, they cannot let society define them. It is difficult for an individual to find value in their role if they base success off of society’s standards because standards are often unattainable. Most importantly, however, society’s standards are materialistic, and materialism by nature is unfulfilling
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