Individual Explanations Of Homelessness Essay

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In the homeless literature, individual explanations of homeless include those characteristics that exist within people and household such as physical and mental health, substance abuse and obsession, domestic violence, single-motherhood, welfare receiving, and educational achievement among others. In particular, the reason of people become homeless is found to be closely related with family problems. It has been found that closely associated with female-headed households, unwed childrearing, and the economic hardships of six single-mothers (Weitzman, 1989; Bassuk et al 1996). According to Homeless Network (2015), divorce and sudden breakup issue often leaves one of the spouses homeless. Among homeless itself, it can be father but sometimes it is the mother and children or everyone involved based on their different experiences of life that force them to be homeless.…show more content…
For families itself, this situation makes them hard to pay bills, a serious illness or disabling accident may deplete their funds and push them out onto the street. They can be homeless because of several reasons such as loss of combined income, legal fee, extra payments, and others. Whereas they do not have places to survive with sufficient money and end up they decide to sleep at the road, bus stop, bridge and street. Changes in family structure, such as the increase in single-parent families and the decline of marriage rates, are thought to have made families weaker to changing economic conditions which can lead to homelessness. That is, more families are becoming dependent on a single-wage earner, making them increasingly liable to severe economic hardship as a result of a job loss due to economic conditions, poor health, or some other
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