Individual Freedom In John Stuart Mill's On Liberty

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On Liberty is an amazing book that supports peoples’ individual freedom. It is written by John Stuart Mill, an English Utilitarian. Mill was born in London in 1806. He was the son of James Mill. Just like his father, he was a philosopher, economist, and a political theorist. Mill was very well educated as his father was the one who educated him. By twelve, he had learned Latin and Greek and by the age of sixteen he was a well trained economist. John is seen by many as the most influential English-speaking philosopher of the 19th century. On Liberty was written in 1859. The main goal of this book is to tell the society that their life should be free from government authority. Stuart Mill discuses many issues concerning freedom…show more content…
He is totally against that religion should have anything to do with determining the weight of people’s opinions. He gave evidence for this claim by stating that some of the greatest moral leaders didn’t believe in religions but had very valuable work. He also says that an individual should balance between faith, religion, and own personal morality and not only religion. One of the reasons Mill supports this claim is that he believes that human desire shouldn’t be suppressed to fit a certain principle or religion. Rather, human desire should be followed and…show more content…
I like how he gives reasons for everything that he states and I think he is very convincing. I like how he defines freedom and makes sure that the readers understand the meaning of freedom in a right way. As until now, many people don’t understand the true meaning of freedom. The one point I don’t agree with the author is the one of that religion shouldn’t affect the weight of a person’s opinion. I think that religion is everything in life and any decision you make in life should be based on your religious beliefs and how you think that this decision will affect you in the future. I think that we as humans don’t always know what is right for us; therefore, it is necessary that we follow what god tells us and not what we think is right. After all, God is the one who gave us brains to think with so we should follow what he tells us to

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