Individual Leadership Culture Paper

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The most prominent and influential studies regarding the dimensions of the organizational culture have shown that a healthy organization leadership culture have a greater impact on the way the leaders transact the business of the organization. The four dimensions to consider while dealing with leadership culture are the individualism versus collectivism, feminine versus masculine, long term versus short term orientation and finally the power distance (Conner & Armitage, 2008).
3.2.1 Individualism versus Collectivism Leadership Culture
The leadership culture which supports individualists is least likely to enhance the ability of leaders to engage in their workplace environment and drive forward the development of the new startup company. The
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The organization has employed as many females as males in the organization. The balance in the organization leadership structure enables the employees to have a wide choice of leaders to face while one has an issue (Bhattacharya, Sen, & Korschun, 2011). The gender balance also makes the Campaign 180 organization to comply with the global legislations which champions for women in leadership and gender equality which will enable the states to have an all round development.
The gender balance in the organization promotes diversity in the workplace hence can be a source of motivation to the employees. Both the female and the female employees will have a sense of belonging to an organization hence improvement executions of the assigned roles and duties to achieve the target goals. The female leaders have been described to be listening and caring hence able to create an ample working atmosphere which enables the employees to explore and maximize their potential (Conner & Armitage, 2008). The business organizations have placed female leaders in sections in key positions, so as to have a balanced leadership structure and ensure good leadership structure in
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