Individual Therapy Case Study

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Individual Psychology (Adlerian) Therapy Case Conceptualization: Billy Sunday Individual psychology, born out of examination and divergence from Freudian theoretical tenants, is an approach dating back to the early part of the 1900’s (Corey, 2017). Alfred Adler, the founder of the individual psychology model, spent significant time and energy evaluating and supporting psychoanalytical doctrines; after abandoning many of the psychoanalytic principles he formed of his own school of therapy in 1911 (Tan, 2011). Rudolph Dreikurs continued to influence this theory after Adler’s death and to expand its’ use in the United States (Tan). This newly emerging school of thought introduced new insights to the view of human nature and ensuing counseling methodologies. Alder viewed the past as the means through which people approached the present. While he believed that formative years in a child’s life were influential, Adler recognized the power and prominence of choice, responsibility, purpose, goals, achievement and society in the construction of human nature (Corey, 2017). Individual psychology views the nature of individuals from a more optimistic standpoint. Humanity has the…show more content…
Tan (2011) states that often studies are not well controlled, and that the need for empirical evidence and the efficacy of individual psychology is essential. Curlette & Kern (2016) discuss this need for new and extensive research and share recent progress made in the Journal of Individual Psychology. This is proof that research continues, though slowly and shares evidence that advocating for effective and controlled studies to promote individual psychology persists. Though there is no controlled research being done during the course of therapy with Billy Sunday, detailed documentation will be maintained about the effectiveness of interventions and client perception of progress and feedback will be
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