Personal Weaknesses

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Describe the problem. Ideal people do not exist and this statement is essential to recognize. Probably, every person has particular professional or personal weaknesses that prevent the development and implementation of personality and life goals. However, wise people are ready to recognize their weak features so there is the possibility to conquer them. Those who ignore weaknesses keep repeating mistakes while leading the unfulfilled lives. Therefore, the key goal of self-improvement is the evaluation of personal weakness. The statement of the fallibilities of an individual would help to withdraw them or to alter them into strengths. A significant option to overcome the weakness is to find a new way to treat it. Personal weakness is not a diagnosis,…show more content…
During the research, psychologists Steimer and Mata had asked people to celebrate trait, which they saw as their central force. Therefore, they had evaluated the trait that most appeals to the individual by example. Psychologists also noted the personality traits that recipients perceived as a major weakness. After the study, participants answered questions about how volatile these traits. For example, they noted how much they agree with the statement that a particular feature is an integral part of a personal character, and there is no need to change it. The results showed: it seems to people that they can work on their shortcomings rather than on their…show more content…
It is essential for every person to have somebody who will be sure in the future success even more than the recipient is. Mentoring system is one of the most important ways to get practical knowledge. As Albert Einstein said, the problem cannot be solved at the level at which it was created. Consequently, trying to solve their own problems with the achievements of the objectives is usually everything goes back to the initial situation. Moreover, journaling of the success of the weaknesses conquering would bring effect that is more positive and would show the progress. During the fifth step, the person should be ready to take part in the situations, which had previously caused many difficulties. There are internal borders, within which we feel safe because there we were all familiar and habitual. The internal frame does not allow a person to develop their weaknesses. The development of the new is usually going beyond the boundaries of the comfort zone, but it is the only way possible to overcome personal

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