Individual Success In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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The modern world is dominated by an astounding amount of humans, yet unfortunately, a significantly lower count of individual people. An individual is someone who sees the world through their own eyes, thinks their own thoughts about it, and disregards any outside attempts to sway their opinions. These innovative people allow society as a whole to progress, and a lack of them dramatically slows change, be it good or bad, leading to a stagnant world in which humanity rejects all change and progress out of fear. This hypothetical is silently creeping into our reality today, as the current societal machine quietly disallows many once open paths of individual success in favor of a standardized road to what it calls success, the acquisition of status and power.…show more content…
Now, education and social medias limit the potentials of individuals by influencing their minds and souls, lessening opportunities to succeed by shaping the path to success preemptively, generally decreasing the rate of progress and slowing the thinking ability of people. This is the sort of dystopian world that Aldous Huxley’s book, Brave New World, takes place in. Huxley, an English author, wrote satirically of the ideas of human experience and the meanings of life and existence, and captivated his audience with the surprising relevance that his ideas and books held as time went on. Brave New World, through the contrasting of its characters and settings, demonstrates the importance of individuality in order for society to
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