Elie Wiesel's Inherit The Wind

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“A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong”. This quote was said by an esteemed chief of the Shawnee tribe,Tecumseh. This quote is not only used by tecumseh, but also represents the issue of individual versus society in the books Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee and Night by Elie Wiesel. The single stick represents the individual, who does not have the strength or power to overrule society. Society is represented by the bundle of stick, who has power and is strong because it has many people, sticks, apart of it. In both books the individual is challenging society. There is always the same winner though, which is society. It is possible that the individual can have a lot of power, there is never enough because…show more content…
Many famous figures, who represented their society, such as Hitler or Matthew Harrison Brady from Inherit the Wind were very influential when speaking. Most of the time their speeches were so influential that people would switch their opinions on that certain situation. This is exactly how Hitler convinced most of Germany that the Nazi plan to destroy, invade countries, and annihilate the Jewish religion was a good idea. In Inherit the Wind Matthew Harrison Brady convinced people over to what the rest of society believed by influential speeches in court. He convinced a lot of people that Bertram Cates was a felon and committed a crime by teaching his beliefs or darwinism. This show that society has the power to get more power and the individual is left with barely…show more content…
In inherit the wind Bertram Cates challenged the larger society by teaching his beliefs in darwinism. He knew that this was wrong, but when tried in court he tried to convince society to change and push them to believe that what he did was not wrong. “But your client is wrong. He is deluded. He has lost his way.” “My friends of Hillsboro, you know why I have come here. I have not come merely to prosecute a lawbreaker, an arrogant youth who has spoken out against the Revealed Word”. In this part of the book it shows how the people did not open up to this change because they thought darwinism was evil. Society is the one that trained them to think like this, that it is evil and the only correct religion was
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