Individualism And Collectivism Reflected In The Joy Luck Club

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3.2 The Individualism and Collectivism Reflected in The Joy Luck Club

Individualism - collectivism, according to Hofstede statistics, China 's index is 20, while the United States is 91. It is clear that Chinese culture is attributed to the collectivist culture, and American culture is attributed to the individualistic culture. Individualism people tend to care about themselves and small families, more respect for a person 's values, dignity and power. Individualist children learn to think from the perspective of “I”. Outspoken is honest man 's performance. And the resources are owned by the individual, even if the child is not shared with it. Negligence can lead to guilt and loss of self-esteem. The children of the collectivist society learn to consider the problem from the perspective of “us”. They should always maintain harmony and avoid direct conflict. And resources should be shared with their loved ones. Mistakes can cause themselves and groups to be ashamed. And collectivism care about the family, and individuals must be absolutely loyal to the community, stressed that individual rights must be lower than the collective, all individuals must obey the collective will. Xu Anmei 's mother was forced to do someone else 's concubine, her family thought she lost the face of the family. However, when the grandmother was in critical condition, she still came back to take care. The mother who grew up in China is very filial, obedient, and hope that her
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