Individualism And Conformity In Society Essay

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In today's society, the balance between individualism and conformity to society's expectations is a prominent and deceptive conflict. Oftentimes, the individual must put his uniqueness aside and settle for a view of an occupation, hobby, or idea that society agrees with. Instead of expressing original and creative ideas, they are held hostage by comparing themselves with the lives and accomplishments of others and the standards their our society. One of the biggest tools of society, social media, allows people to share ideas and interests with everyone. However, naturally, one will only post what he knows others will accept and enjoy just as he does. This, in turn, does the opposite of what social media were intended to do. Instead of allowing the expression of unaltered and original ideas, it is a platform of suppressed individualism which only encourages mainstream concepts. Conformity is seen everywhere, society encourages it. Social Media, News Broadcasters, and the FCC are all examples of underlying ways the top one percent can monitor and manipulate the ways people live their lives. Most people are controlled by others around them; posts on social media…show more content…
When someone turns on their phone, there are connected with millions by the touch of a button. Everyone has the ability to share pictures, and ideas, but usually, these are centered around fads and things that are popular at the time. No one will ever post something that they don’t think others will accept them for. If the post won’t be appreciated what is the point of posting it, right? When everyone only focuses on a few select ideas that have taken over the media at the time, it becomes too communal and a well disguised method of conformity. Oftentimes, people realize the repetitiveness of fads and mainstream concepts, but take part in them anyways, to have something to say in conversations, or simply to fit in
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