Individualism In The American Dream

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Individualism is a cultural view that is an immensely common in American culture. Individualism is the moral stance and ideology that emphasizes on the worth of the individual . The America Dream is a type of individualism that has the primary focus set as personal achievement as well as success . However, individualism is a subject matter that does not necessarily denote that only the personal self matters. The act of serving others’ interests as well as the interests of one’s self is possible with faith and by utilizing a form of individualism. Such acts are possible via individualism and utilizing one’s faith as a guide; this is shown through proof of scripture, experience of others, infallible reasoning, as well as traditions in the church. Scripture does not specifically contain information about individualism by name; however scripture possesses what one should do in regards to the spiritual gifts that one may possess as well as performing favorable tasks for God. With individualism, one’s life is one’s responsibility. There is a famous poem that depicts…show more content…
By building a strong foundation of one’s faith they are capable of assisting others as well as serving God. Serving as well as pleasing God grants one God’s favor. Possessing God’s favor will benefit one’s self in immeasurable and unexpected variations. There is a required balance with individualism. One must always attempt to improve one’s self and this is possible via helping others. When one helps others, they are also helping themselves. Individualism has a misconstrewed view in today’s society about selfishness. However through individualism, innovation, creativity, as well as growth is possible . There must be a balance and with the right balance society can
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