Individualism In America Essay

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America’s identity is defined differently by every individual. Ideally it was to be a place of freedom and acceptance, identified by its message of liberty and hard-work, however the question arises whether America is a melting pot in which only one culture dominates or it a mosaic of many peoples’ histories. America’s potential and true identity lies within its ability to assimilate and create a natural individualism despite race, class, and immigration standing. A country as powerful and influential as America is within industry, politics, and socioeconomics cannot be abstract in definition. To hold this type of power, a nation must be united under a set of beliefs important to its people. America, created to represent a place of freedom…show more content…
Each response is influenced by individual race, gender, and ethnicity. Despite immigration’s necessity to this, Jacob G. Hornberger’s “Keep the Borders Open” in which he argues the case of keeping borders always open “for people traveling inside the United States but also for people traveling or moving to the United States” is not correct (Hornberger, Jacob G. 1). Having open borders prohibits unity and dissolves individual identity; it also breeds anarchy within a nation. There must be order within a country and allowing everyone into an area strains resources, while no security creates chaos and mass terror. With open borders and thus overpopulation, a country will be unable to uphold its beliefs and will fall to disparities within social class, old prejudices, and government corruption. However, immigration is important in the American identity. It brings new ideas, opportunities, and individualism to the country which allows it to evolve. Immigrants are part of America and their cultures should not be forgotten under American assimilation. Thus, through having primary standards, people are able to embrace their own culture and unify with others. Immigration provides America with a new identity, but having open borders staunches
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