'Individualism In Ayn Rand's Anthem'

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Austin Xu
Ms. Thixton
English Pre-Ap
Individualism Is a Right Equality 7-2521 lives in a collective society where individuals only exist as part of a group and the rights to be an individual in the city is forbidden. In the novel, Anthem, Any Rand employs significant symbolism and artistic imagery in order to passionately display that individualism is a human right. Ayn Rand uses symbolism to display the importance of individualism to humanity. Equality “discovered a new power of nature… and have discovered it alone” and created the light bulb which is a symbol for his individualistic spark (Rand). The collective government, where the basic right to think and work as an individual is neglected and everyone must work and be represented
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The sleeping halls where the students of the city sleep in “are white and clean and bare of all things save one hundred beds” (Rand). The World Council has the power to control everything that happens in the city including the decoration of the sleeping halls. The lack of and individual’s creativeness in the sleeping halls show the lack of individualism in the collective society. Equality broke the schedule that was set by his House and was taken to the Palace of Corrective Detention where they beat “our chin up, and we saw the red froth of our mouth on the withered fingers” in order to find out his doings (Rand). Everyone in the city follows the schedule from their House and are punished when they fail to follow their schedule. The city’s strict schedules prevent the people their freedom to be in charge of themselves. The Saint of the Pyre had “a thin thread of blood running from the corner of their mouth” when being punished to death for speaking the Unspeakable Word (Rand). In the city a word spoken gave a man his death showing that the collective government controls the people’s choice of words and prevents the people of the city to speak freely. Ayn Rand’s use of imagery portrays the fact that individualism is a right that all humans should have. The lack of individualism in the city is immoral to men where the right to identify oneself as a unique individual
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