Individualism In Brave New World

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The idea of achieving the ideal society has been embedded in many minds for centuries, society has tried many tactics that will further the path towards a utopian society. Oftentimes society encounters the conflicting factors between individual autonomy and freedom and the stability and security of civilization, which is essentially a conflict between individualism and collectivism. In the novel “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, it is suggested that constraining the innocuous views of each individual can allow for the achievement of complete stability within society; nevertheless with complete stability we will experience a totalitarian control over each individual, which is far from the Utopia we desire. Stability brings many positive aspects to our society, including peace, operating as a collective and no poverty; however we will never be able to experience true emotions, there will be a sacrifice of individual identity, and we can all be easily replaced. Without the right to make choices we are essentially slaves to society, every aspect of our individuality will become non-existent, we will have no identity. A utopian society is one that operates on the principles of utilitarianism, everyone must be happy at all times no matter what circumstances. In the novel each individual from the “New World” is incapable of experiencing true emotions because they are controlled and taken away from them. There relations are practically non-existent, and they do not have any
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