Individualism In David Fincher's Fight Club

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1. Introduction As in nowadays time’s the issue of self-reliance and identity is more than ever an important issue not to be neglected, this paper aims to examine the portrayal of self-reliance and self-perception in David Fincher’s Fight Club. The history of America’s constant search for a self-reliant “I” will shortly be touched and afterwards discussed in respect of the quest for individualism in Fight Club. However, as individualism and self-reliance are omnipresent and wide-ranged topics to be dealt with, the focus of this paper lies on analyzing various quotations and situations the narrator is in chronologically. This complex topic will be approached by shortly presenting a specific scene followed by an analysis for each, respectively. Eventually this paper will assist the reader to get a deeper insight and understanding of the depiction of the development of individualism within the movie. It aims to help the reader to get a better picture of the American idea of an individual human being by means of analyzing and interpreting different situations in Fight Club (1999). 2. Main Body “I LOVE the man whose lofty mind On God and its own strength relies; Who seeks the welfare of his kind, And dare be honest though he dies; Who cares not for the world’s applause, But, to his own fixed purpose true, […]” (Whitfield 86) In America the question of identity and where they belong to has always been and still is a question discussed and talked about but never been answered
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