Individualism In Edward Scissorhands

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Everything that teenagers do in life, is done so that they fit in with their peers. This has lead to the decrease of individualism in teenagers. The director of Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton has conveyed themes such as, conformity, peer pressure, stereotypes, and lack of individualism during the film to make the viewer feel pity for the teenager’s situation. These themes were portrayed excellently, which created a balance throughout the film and showed Edward’s personality to perfection.

During life, everyone aspires to be like someone. This aspiration is normally on the basis of gender roles and stereotypes. Stereotypes are an important factor in aspiration as many teens look up to these people and want to act like them. Tim Burton used
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Edward’s actions in the movie were strongly influenced by Kim and Edward did everything he possibly could to be accepted by her. An example of this in Tim Burton’s film was when Edward got forced to break into Jim’s house. Edward knew that he was committing a crime and that nothing good would come from it but the pressure to be accepted by Kim changed his ideas and moral values. In the scene, Tim Burton used close-up camera angles to highlight Edward’s emotions towards Kim and his struggle because he was different. Edward’s actions positioned the audience to worry about him because of how easy Edward was manipulated by others to be accepted in a community.

The balance of themes that was created throughout Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton was used to make the film more relatable to teenagers. This then exemplified how teenagers react to certain situations during this period of life. Edward experienced many of these different circumstances. He is shown to be conformed through peer pressure, and the gender stereotypes of his elder peers. This led to Edward sacrificing his individuality and uniqueness. In the end, Edward gets through this and becomes the person that he really should’ve been from the
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