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Laurence also portrays the mindset of Canadian women through Stacey. Stacey are taken to parties with her husband but she just accompanies her husband and doesn’t enjoy as he moves with his friends leaving her to wander here and there to hunt for someone to talk with. This shows that individualism is still a distant dream for Canadian women. An irony is that Shashi Deshpande too brings out this indifference shown to women through her protagonists. Stacey is left alone and she doesn’t find anyone to talk with this makes her lonely and his behavior also annoys her. She also finds Mac talking to other women and the behavior annoys her. She feels humiliated. To avoid her loneliness in the party she becomes alcoholic. Stacey innocence like all the protagonist of Deshpande, regrets over her behavior of being alcoholic at night. The fear and guilt conscious is a very universal feeling but is equally meaningful as she repents over it. The pressure pulls her down and her mind is filled with thoughts that disturb her. All women are the same whether they are Indian or Canadian they feeling of guilt disturb them. Stacey’s mind becomes a battle field for her inner battle, Mac’s silence is digging a ditch between their relations. Her requests “Mac, talk to me” has no meaning for him. He is…show more content…
Though all her characters tries to attain self-fulfillment her struggle does not bring results. Stacey also experiences the same escapism rather than facing the situation boldly. Stacey is a working servant like Deshpande’s characters. Stacey’s condition is no better than a typical house wife’s who always cares for others and keeps herself occupied in serving the family. She is a wife and a mother but forgets herself, the actual nature of her real problem. Laurence presents her as a woman who is not wise enough to use full potentiality, so she always waits for instruction from her

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