Individualism In The 1970's

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We’ve all heard it: the strong academic record, proficient in three sports, president of a few clubs, vibrant social life, and still getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night. The idealistic belief of a student, a goal to continuously strive towards. As students in a stressful, sometimes competitive atmosphere, we evaluate ourselves often and notice our flaws, but often miss our strengths. The idea of an idyllic description of the proper student forces down the general individualism often treasured in a learning environment. Rather than pushing down a student’s personal identity, it is necessary to express yourself and be your true self in public. In the 1970’s, novelist Tom Wolfe published an essay in which he coined the team Me’ Decade to describe the decade’s resurgence of atomized individualism and the depression of collectivist beliefs. After a decade of revolutionary ideas and movements that implemented immense social change, the 1970’s took a step back from politics to return to normalcy and daily routine. People began to turn away from the large protest movements and explicitly focus on themselves and their personal wellbeing. After realizing that wars and politics could not solve the world’s and…show more content…
Tiana spoke about how her hair helps provide a strong connection to her roots and personal identity and background. Since many students often face the struggle of losing where they came from and forgetting their family’s past, Tiana helped the community explore the essentiality of recognizing identity in conjunction to one’s own family identity. In terms of the use of hair as her connection to race and ethnicity, Tiana used the most expressive and personal aspect of one’s physical experience to explain why it is important to maintain personal
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