Individualism In The Community

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The importance of belonging in a community has been effected by individualism because of people being self-centered, egotistical and non-social. It seems as though this problem effects teens the most. It is rare to see teens out with their community or neighborhood. Most teens are too busy texting people or checking social media. This is a result of individualism. Teens now live off of self-gratification, getting rewarded for everything that they ever accomplish. This can bring out poor characteristics like being self-centered. When you do not spend enough time helping others in the community, it can take a toll on your personality. But, it does not have to be just service. It can being something small like throwing a block party that will bring together the community that we live in. Being self-centered is a quality that no one would desire to have. When some one only cares about themselves it means they are self centered. This is a direct correlation with individualism. The natural instinct for someone is to think about ourselves first. It is…show more content…
The positive to social media is that we communicate with each other with a touch. That is astonishing, and I'm sure you are thinking that that is the perfect answer to building a stronger community. It is the opposite. When teens shut themselves in their rooms texting or video chatting with each other, it takes away a certain level of communication. Sure you will be reading what that person is typing to you, but there is nothing like talking with someone face to face and being able to read their body language and facial expressions. When you can connect with someone on a personal level it makes you a more appealing friend and even person in general. This skill is crucial when building a strong community that does amazing things as a team. Each teen that shuts themselves away from society is another person in the community that fell victim to
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