Individualism In The Crucible

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Individualism can mean a lot of things. It tends to show a different meaning depending on the person you ask. Is there a way Individualism can change the world? Could Individualism somehow be a bad thing? Individualism can change the world. In the 19th century people stuck to society. If they really did something out of character to show their personalities, they would most likely be executed. In "The Crucible" they were accused of witchcraft if they didn't act like society. Then they would either have to confess or be hanged in front of everyone. John Proctor stood up and vowed that there was no such thing as witchcraft in the end and showed everyone there with his personality that there was no such thing as witches. They probably felt foolish…show more content…
What would it take to stand up for something a person truly believed in? What would happen if he didn't stand up for what he believed in? Understanding the facts would take responsibility to show what exactly would be the right thing to do in the future. Which is based upon the likes and dislikes in others beliefs and relationships. Relationships, this seems to be the problem. It gets in the way of standardized individualism and issues in the future. Abigail was jealous of Mrs. Proctor because she really liked John Proctor and wanted Mrs. Proctor's life to end because according to Abigail, Mrs. Proctor was in the way of their love and devotion to each other. Enough about that Huckleberry Finn didn't want a life that was proper. A life where society meant everything. He was so used to his own life that he wanted to stay the way he was. He wanted to run away and leave Tomas's Aunt's house. In fact at one moment he actually left, but he decided to go back so he could join Tomas's robbery group he was creating. Huckleberry Finn would follow Tom anywhere. Huck wanted to show his strength in his true self, his individualism was going to show how he would one day change everything. He was a slave and didn't fit into the society very well in the first place, what would really happen because he was thrown into it? He really just wanted to escape from it. Escape from everything that was thrown at him. Everything would most
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