Individualism In The Millennials

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The world has never, ever experienced such brisk transformation as it did in the last three decades. The people brought up in this whirlwind of change are often referred to as ‘Millennials’. It is hard to determine to what extent the modern youth differs from the past generations, but they surely do have certain distinguishing values. The Millennials are characterized by a strong sense of individual freedom, a more materialistic worldview and their desire for fun and positive emotions.
It can be said with confidence that the millennial generation is highly individualistic, especially compared with the older ones. They pursue self-realization through career, arts and education, rather than through family, faith or other traditional values. If in the last century people in the US usually got married in their early 20’s, nowadays the median age of first marriage is almost at 30 years old for both sexes. Millennials want to have their 20’s, the most individualistic period in life, for themselves to enjoy and explore. This doesn’t mean however that the millennials are narcissists who are interested only in their personas. On the contrary, the younger adults are known to be more tolerant to diversity and more likely to volunteer. Furthermore, they demonstrate great concern about the world issues: according to the World Economic Forum 's 2017 survey, Millennials consider global warming as the world’s most serious problem. Because individualism first of all implies respect towards
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