Individualistic Motivation Report

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Success is a multifaceted, personal and subjective concept (Jonathan Wells, 2008-2014). For some, success is having wealth while for others, success means being happy. Success revolves around these 9 concepts which are self, family, friends, work business, community, mankind, environment, material things and spiritual (Ray Terris, 20010). Nevertheless, majority of success often can be achieved by similar ways. Individualistic motivation is one of the largest and is a necessary factor towards success. Individualistic motivation refers to a self-orientation, an emphasis on self-sufficiency and control, the pursuit of individual goals that may or may not be consistent with in-group goals, striving to increase individuals’ baggage of resources,…show more content…
Passion is to have a really deep emotional feeling about something (Ray Terris, 2010). This is because of the fact that when you have an interest that is supported by a deep emotional feeling, you would tend to have more motivation to go towards your goal. Attorney Jon Mitchell Jackson said, "Almost without exception, successful people are usually those people who follow their passion. They 're doing what they truly enjoy doing. They 're pouring their heart and soul in to a project that means everything in the world to them." Passion is the drive for you to succeed as it is what pushes you through tough times and reminds you to continue moving forward even when life beats you down. Your self-interest reminds you of the achievements that you could make and will make if you continue to strive for success. When you are passionate about something that you would love to do, the activity itself would not feel like a chore and you would be enjoying every single moment you spent on working towards your goal. Every time that passion is seen, life will be worth living. Furthermore, passion is the guide towards the path of your success as without a passion or your self-interest, you would not know where to go and what to do with your life, hence you would not be able to achieve success. W. Kent Taylor, the founder of casual-dining heavyweight Texas Roadhouse and one of the most successful…show more content…
Louis Terman, the legendary psychologist, studied a group of gifted boys from childhood to middle age. After studying the boys, he concluded that “persistence in the accomplishment of ends” was one of the factors that distinguished between the most successful men from the less successful ones. Grit is the persistence over time to overcome challenges and accomplish big goals (Duckworth, 2013; Shechtman, DeBarger, Dornsife, Rosier, & Yarnall, 2013). The road to success is more of a marathon rather than a sprint. Hence you would have to have a large amount of stamina as the road to success is a long one as there is no such thing as a one night success. Prospective longitudinal studies have shown that grit predicts the completion of challenging goals despite obstacles and set-backs. For instance, grittier high school juniors in Chicago public schools are more likely to graduate on time 1 year later (Eskreis-winkler, Duckworth, Shulman, & Beale, 2014). Grittier cadets are more likely than their less gritty peers to make it through the first arduous summer at West Point (Duckworth et al., 2007; Duckworth & Quinn, 2009). Grittier novice teachers are more likely to stay in teaching and among the teachers who do stay, those who are grittier are more effective (Duckworth & Quinn, 2009: Robert-Kraft & Duckworth, 2014). On the path towards success, perseverance is compulsory as the path is not an easy one. Grit often leads to growth mindset

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